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To Create a Better Outdoor Heating System.

September 17, 2012

I have decided to do my FYP on heating systems in outdoor areas such as patios and to a greater extent large scale outdoor area like smoking areas in bars and restaurants.

At the moment there are two major types of outdoor heating systems that are deployed in these areas. It is either fuel burning (mainly gas powered space heaters) or electric heaters.

There are initial problems I have found with both of these products areas:

  • Using gas or other fuels means that the heaters have to be monitored and refilled every so often. although it rarely happens it can occur that the users have forgotten to refill the heater and ‘disaster’ can occur on a cold night.
  • Electrical heaters have a high power consumption. the can prove to be expensive to run.
  • The heat coming from them is very inconsistent. Too close, very hot. Too far away, still cold.
  • Both of them have to be placed relatively high as they are hot to touch. This means that there are more inefficiencies as heat naturally rises, there extra effort is needed to force the heat back down to the people.
  • As mentioned above, the products are hot to touch. this has safety issues involved with it.

This is my initial perspective on the area and I feel that there is a lot of scope here to improve the designs already made.

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